Step & Stone Logo


Step and Stone is a Bristol-based bakery that was started by two mums of young people with Downs Syndrome. They aim to provide high quality training in transferable work skills for people with learning disabilities.  It’s a wonderfully welcoming artesian bakery where they work hard to produce delicious award winning lavosh flatbreads and biscotti. Step and Stone creates plenty of opportunities to nurture confidence, social interaction and friendships too…

Step and Stone’s products are nothing short of delicious, and really help them to positively influence public perceptions about the capabilities of our trainees. With a bit of extra targeted support particularly at the settling in stage, their trainees go on to thrive in paid or voluntary employment in diverse sectors and organisations if that is their wish. 

The lavosh flatbreads and biscotti are firm favourites in Interestingly Different hampers. They are the perfect accompaniment to Interestingly Different’s chutney and the biscotti are an ideal extra when gifting coffee or tea.