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When it comes to showing appreciation for your clients, corporate gifts are a popular choice. However, in today’s world where ethical considerations are becoming increasingly important, it’s worth exploring the benefits of choosing ethical corporate gifts for your clients. By opting for ethical client gifts, you not only demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, but you also strengthen your client relationships, boost your brand image, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Ethical Gifts For Your Clients – Good For Your Brand

Interestingly Different corporate gifts are chosen with a keen awareness of their origin, and the conditions under which they were produced. Ethical considerations might include ensuring artisans and workers are paid fair wages, supporting small businesses or communities that are often marginalised or utilising materials that are renewable or recycled. By selecting gifts that adhere to these principles, companies affirm their dedication to a set of values that extends beyond profit and that considers the well-being of people and the planet.  



Looking for a gift that makes both you and the recipient feel great?

Here at Interestingly Different, we have curated a range of high quality gifts from social enterprises across the country. And all profits we make go back into creating more paid employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

Our inclusive approach to retail allows you to support individuals facing challenges far and wide. In short, we put people before profits! 

Corporate Employee Refreshments

As well as gifts for your clients, we also can also partner with you to provide  employee refreshments such as tea, coffee and biscuits for your work kitchens. According to our previous customers, employees receive these really positively and delicious refreshments could also be useful for those of you within organisations that are trying hard to entice your employees back into the office.  

Employee Gifts

We can help you as a company to mark your work team’s celebrations and key achievements with an employee gift. Whether you wish to send something to welcome your employees during initial onboarding, celebrate employee milestones, or offer a reward gift… Interestingly Different can help. Please get in touch if you wish to order a high quantity of employee gifts to discuss options and timelines.


Two of the Interestingly Different Shop team

Purchase with purpose
and help create opportunities

Every order you place is processed with care by one of the adults we support. 

Each order, whether online or in person allows us to give real employment skills training to our trainees. With only 4.8% of adults with learning disabilities in the UK in paid employment, this is something we are passionate about changing.

Another way you can support us by purchasing one of our Priceless Spoons. Each spoon represents at least one hour of employment at Interestingly Different.


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